contributers and contributions to 5th ARTS&Games-festival

Yvette Bredsted (Institut for Ædelmetal / København):

For partizipaters and for those who
want to get a sunburn.

Jürgen Backhaus (Professor of Economics/University of Erfurt):

"Courbet .... L´Origine du Monde"

Matze Schmidt/Sascha Pogacar (Berlin / Kassel):

"Jam: Media Space - Games Intervals + Connex I/O + »Radio«"
combination of a lecture + hopefully online! OpenWritingSpace plus Radio Station. In parallel structures all three medial activity spaces will develop interfaces (Schnittstellen), which show their potential to be a self-completing Spielfeld. Additionally, they make their boundaries recognizable, i.e. their non-compatibility, their a-synaesthesia, as their basic paradigm. The jam builds up a/no arena, which makes present humans negative participants of a situation. Because, the reader is always the author since.]
sat. 20.00

Sten Bülow Bredsted + other students of Institute for Ædelmetal / København:

"Spielfeld-Jewelry made in workshop groups by random generating principles"

Philipp von Hilgers (doctorate, cultural studies, Humboldt University Berlin):

discourse analyzing machine

(Bei Integration eines Blickverfolgungssystems versucht sie dem begehrlichen Blick ihrer Benutzer zuvorzukommen, was heisst, sie mit signifikanten Wortketten zu bombardieren.)
fr. 20.45

Sofia Blind (Economist, Geilnau):

"Piles of Tiles. The Theory of Tiling in Five Axes, with Practical Exercises"

M.V. Stein (Artist, Dresden/Berlin):

"Electronic Fireplace"

Petra Grünig (Artist, Hamburg – New York):

"Transparent People" (Multimedia-Videoinstallation-Represantation)

Manfred J. Holler (Professor of Economics, University of Hamburg):

"Duchampian Evolution and Darwin’s Egg"
fr. 18.00

Barbara Klose-Ullmann (Project Designer, Munich Institute for Integrated Studies):

"Chromatic Diet Revisited – Dimensions of Interaction"
sat. 16.30

Norbert Leudemann (Art Historian, Munich Institute for Integrated Studies):

"The Discovery of the Chessboard"
sun. 11.00

Traude Linhardt (Artist, Munich):

"Motion Field"
sat. 19.15

Ben Spencer (Artist, Glasgow):

"The Glasgow Space"

John Sedgwick (Principal Research Fellow, University of North London):

"Vertical and Horizontal Differentiation of Film"

Mia Rævenstrøm / Simon Sparwasser (Artists, students of cultural studies at HU-Berlin):

"Spielfeld "– Transversive Installation
Werner Wehnert (Filmmaker/Munich):

"Moving Spaces / Film Material"
sat. 20.30
Alexander Klose (cultural studies/HU Berlin):

"The Shitzow Shop Experiment / narration of an experimental real shop environment"
fr. 18.45
Sabine Kramer (Artist, Hamburg):

" No game without dirty hands - a creativity exercise"