ARTS&Games has to do with ideas about art and the art of ideas. ARTS&Games proceeds from the assumption that a strucural analogy between the different forms of dealing with ideas in science, everyday life and art exists: the analogy of "game". A Game is a system of rules and materials. Materials are moved within the limits of possibilities that are set by rules. Rules are changed as required. Or: The game is a representation of the world. Unintelligible systems are integrated into a daily perceived object world in a playful process. The same applies to art. Taken in that sense, both systems are knowledge-producing ( Wissen schaffend ).

Every theory , every model, every work of art ( KunstWerk ) is a variable in the network of meanings: its assertion depends on context, conduct and reception; it is part of a game of related systems that interchangingly produces truths.

The ARTS&Games-project aims to maintain a discourse between representatives of different idea systems without just producing another specialized discipline, that is, to cultivate an openness towards the inside, a playful process with the developing structures. ARTS&Games aims to equally assemble scientific (natural and social sciences, the humanities ... all sciences) and artistic works as well as all kinds of cross-breeds in and outside given focal themes.